Welcome to Avalon Farms!  We are located in Savannah, Missouri where we raise Registered American Aberdeen cattle and AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  Like so many others these days, we are a small acreage and have found that Aberdeens are the ideal cattle for us.  

Donnie and Jeanine Sawyer

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Savannah, MO  64485

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Why Aberdeens and what can they do for me?  

The real question should be "why not Aberdeens?"  It is true that many American Aberdeens are smaller than what you would typically see in today's pastures, but bigger is not always better.  The "bigger is better" mindset filled the commercial industry with hard-doing, inefficient, hay-burning cattle that need loads of supplemental feed to put on the pounds. The time is now to bring efficiency back to your herd, lower your mature cow size to a manageable level and bring profitability back to your farm.  

American Aberdeens are much more reminiscent of the original Aberdeen Angus than most of the so-called "commercial" Angus cattle of today.  They are 100% Angus in it's purest form, having been developed from a closed herd for decades. This closed herd was developed from cattle from Scotland, Canada, and the United States.  These are the very same cattle that our older generations used to thrive on.  Formerly known as Lowlines, do not let the term "Lowline" dissuade you from capitalizing on all of the positive attributes of the breed.   It is simply a descriptive name given to this group by the Australian folks that conducted the research program.  All Fullblood American Aberdeen cattle must be DNA verified before they can be registered, virtually eliminating the possibility of gene pool contamination.  They are pure, and do not have any of the genetic defects that plague some of the other commercial breeds.  Also, they are NOT miniature cattle. Remember, these are the original Aberdeen Angus cattle of yesteryear. The long-legged behemoths of today's commercial industry are the real odd balls.  

American Aberdeens are the result of a selective breeding research program conducted by the Trangie Research Center in Australia that focused on forage conversion into meat.  The research showed that both the Lowline group (Aberdeens) and the Highline group (those cattle selected for larger size) were similar in their ability to convert grass into saleable meat, but towards the end of the research project, the researchers realized that over the course of the project, they ultimately developed a new breed of cattle. The resulting "Lowlines" were roughly 60% the size of the Highlines and had more meat to bone ratio...in other words, they have higher yielding carcasses.  More meat = more money!!

Adding these higher yielding carcass genetics to a commercial herd can show real dividends in a hurry.  Do you want to lower your feed costs?  Although bred for grass efficiency, these cattle will explode on a good feed program.  So how do you do this?  The quickest, easiest and possibly the least expensive way is to put an Aberdeen bull on your cow herd...whether it be a Fullblood or Percentage bull...depends on how much influence you want to add.  

Like every other cattle breed, not all Aberdeens are created equal.  When researching, you will find breeders breeding for smaller cattle and you will find breeders trying to get the them a bit larger.  It all depends on the end goal, so do your research and choose your cattle based on your needs.  

American Aberdeens will flourish in a grass fed beef program...that is what they are designed for.  

They will almost guarantee zero calving difficulties...these are the REAL sleep easy bulls!!

​Use Aberdeen bulls to lower your cow size in just one generation, all the while, maintaining, or improving muscle mass.  

American Aberdeens will add efficiency genetics that every cattle herd in America needs.