We're planning on doing some pasture renovations this year, so we've made the decision to offer some of our best cows for sale.  They are priced to sell and listed below:

Ausmerica Yarra Y013 - FF15036

​                                             - Sire: Ardrossan Lincoln

                                             - Dam: Ardrossan Tutu

​                                             - Yarra is a product of Ardrossan Lowline Stud genetics out of a Ardrossan Lincoln x Ardrossan Tutu mating.                                                   She has been great, producing several bull calves for us, including Avalon Channing, one of our present                                                       herd sires.  We've been anxiously waiting for her to give us a heifer, but it just hasn't happened yet...maybe                                                   this fall will be her first!  Yarra is about 850 pounds and has a great udder.  She is a little older Fullblood but                                                   has not missed and is in great shape.  

                                             - vet confirmed bred for fall 2019 calf by Avalon Chevelle

                                             - $1850 (SOLD)

​​Ausmerica Yanora Y019 - FF15026

                                                - Sire: Ardrossan Neron

                                                - Dam: Ardrossan Nardia

                                                - Yanora is also out of some of Ardrossan Lowline Stud's best genetics.  She is a full sister to Ardrossan                                                          Jamberoo, and if you know anything about Jamberoo, this is something to brag about.  Nora has always                                                         been one of our most gentle cows and has made some outstanding calves for us.

                                                 - currently pasture exposed to Avalon Echo

                                                 - $1850

Avalon Clover - FF29848

                            - Sire: Trungley Tiger's Eye

                            - Dam: MCR Blue Flag

                            - Clover is another of our Fullblood cows.  She is sired by Trungley Tiger's Eye and her dam is MCR Blue Flag, which                                     makes Clover a half-sister to MCR Opinionated.  Clover has a little more hip height to her and weighs just over 900                                     pounds.

                            - vet confirmed bred for fall 2019 calf by Avalon Channing

                            - $1850 (SOLD)

Avalon Adele - FF34130

                           - Sire: Ausmerica Xotic X013

                           - Dam: Spring Creek Uriel

                           - Adele is an own daughter of Uriel and is sired by our former herd sire, Ausmerica Xotic.  Adele is also a very stout                                       Fullblood weighing in around 1100 pounds.  Adele is very gentle, just like her dam, and is a gem to be around.  

                           - vet confirmed bred for fall 2019 calf by Avalon Echo/Avalon Channing

                           - $1850 (SOLD)

​​Spring Creek Uriel- FF7756

                                     - Sire: Monte Allegro Artusi

                                     - Dam: Colombo Park Alcina

                                     - Uriel is one the first Aberdeens that we ever owned.  She has been a rock star for us producing some of our                                                  favorite calves, namely Avalon Chevelle, whom has been one of our herd sires for many years now.  Uriel is an                                            older Fullblood cow, but she is still in great shape and at 1156 pounds, she is as stout as they come.                                                           - vet confirmed bred for fall 2019 calf by Avalon Channing

                                     - $1250 (SOLD)

Avalon Fern - MF39495

                     - Sire:  Avalon Chevelle

                     - Dam:  TCS Classy 20U

​                     - DOB:  September 19, 2018

                     - open 3/4 heifer

​                     - this heifer is really looking good

                     - $1000

Cattle For Sale​

Avalon Denver as a 2.5 year old

in August 2019

Future Herd Sire Prospects

Planning your future?  We also have three young Fullblood bulls that we're offering for sale. They offer superb Australian genetics and should mature into very nice examples of the breed that will add quality and value to your herd.  These bulls have great temperaments, nice structure, and are growing well.  No place else can you solidify this type of pedigreed future herd sire for such a value.  The work of putting the pedigrees together has been done for you and there is no way to lose here. 

Avalon Denver

Ausmerica Xotic x Avalon Annabelle

​DOB:  December 14, 2016

Birthweight: 53 pounds

​Weaning weight: 381 pounds (no feed)

Weighs just over 1100 pounds and measures 45" at the hip.  

There is just something about this young bull that makes him stand out and his mother is amazing.  

$1500 OBO

Avalon Fenway


Avalon Chevelle x Ausmerica Yarra Y014

DOB:  June 6, 2018

Birthweight: 63 pounds

Current weight: 500+ pounds

Current hip height: 40"

A young bull with big potential to be a future herd sire.  


Avalon Fahrenheit


Avalon Chevelle x Ausmerica Yanora Y019

DOB:  June 22, 2018

Birthweight: 52 pounds

Current weight:  500+ pounds

Current hip height:  41"

Another young herdsire prospect with a very bright future.  I'm really liking this bull and will likely keep a semen interest in him.  

$1000 (SOLD)

Bulls currently for sale