Ausmerica Xotic X013 FM12329

(co-owned with Rivers Bend Ranch and Ausmerica Alliance Lowline Stud)

Xotic has been one of our main herdsires.  He is sired by Ardrossan Findon and his dam is Ardrossan Delvene.  This combination brings together some of the most superior and sought after Australian genetics to the United States. Findon has been said to have been one of the most complete Lowline bulls ever developed, combining proper structure, movement, and temperament.   Wanamara Findon Royale and Wanamara Emu Dreaming, both award winning Findon progeny, have been imported to the U.S. and have seen great success in breeding programs. Xotic's mother, Delvene, is also the dam of Ardrossan Neron and GTL Unique, both superb examples of what a Aberdeen bull should be.  Needless to say, Xotic is in great company, being a half sibling to all of these amazing cattle. We are thrilled with how Xotic has turned out.  He is straight topped, very thick, has a massive front end and has excellent muscling overall.  His movement is fluid, he has great feet and a perfect temperament.  We are very happy with his calves...low birthweights, excellent growth, and great temperaments.  This bull doesn't get any grain supplementation, so what you see is 100% grass and hay fed muscling.  This is precisely why we choose to raise these get the meat without the added cost of grain.   

​Avalon Chevelle 


Chevelle is sired by Spring Creek Ultra Max, a bull that really puts a ton of mass in the rear end's of his calves.  Chevelle's dam, Spring Creek Uriel, has consistently produced our best calves...they are vigorous, have the look that we are striving for and are always at the top of the list when it comes to growth.  Chevelle has followed in his dad's footsteps and is showing the same muscle characteristics.  He is extremely well muscled, scored a +81.91 on the MMI Genomics Tru-Marbling test which is near the top of all homozygous black Aberdeen bulls, he has the most laid back temperament, and is just beginning to contribute his genetics. Once again, Chevelle does not and has not gotten any grain supplementation, so what you see is what you get with an all forage diet.  He is currently 1425 pounds and 48" at the hip.  This is one top of the line Aberdeen bull and we hope to have semen available this year.  


Chevelle enjoying a summer rain shower in August 2016.

Our newest herdsire prospect...Avalon Echo.